Using B-positive in conjunction with Therapy

Using B-positive in conjunction with Therapy

Use B-posi+ive alongside therapy for excellent results.

The Root of Anxiety

The leading cause of anxiety, annoyance, and frustration is disharmony between thought and feeling. Once thought and feeling is a match, healing begins to take hold, and recovery leads to feeling better, which leads to getting better.

Enhancing Therapy with B-posi+ive

One of the ways you can enhance your therapy session and help your therapist is to use the B-posi+ive app to track how you think, feel, and act while monitoring your results and feedback. This vital information, used with your therapist, can accelerate your healing time, taking the guesswork out of what you can’t remember about journaling.

Uncovering Thought Patterns and Challenging Distortions

Using B-posi+ive with the therapist can help you uncover why you think the way you do and how it affects you, and offer further suggestions on challenging distorted thinking. Then the therapist can help with how this thinking affects your feelings.

Accelerating the Therapy Progress with B-posi+ive

You can talk with your therapist without using B-posi+ive, but your results will be diminished. You see, B-posi+ive helps you engage in your healing, accelerating and solidifying your experience through action-
“The mother of all learning!” Without experience, it’s just in your head. So get out of your way and out of your head with B-posi+ive!



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